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28 October 2007 @ 12:47 am

Name/名前: Patrícia aka mikavulgar or rukikyo everywhere at web^^
Interests: Japan, course, everything or most of fabulous things i love from that country, music, jrock is my life*-*
Dir en grey, D´erlanger, Sadie, 176Biz, Serial Number, Ghost(sad it will over x-x) and a lots more... music, FASHION, my passionnn!!<3 GLOL ,punk, visual kei.
Favorite Japanese Cute things: Stationery stuff^^ stickers, un plushes, memo pad, cute bear, bunny keyholder, dolls,  cute boxes^^  pens, toys... aww many sttufs!^^<3

i wanted to see some japanese notebooks or memo pads as well...
i´m a bit curious of what do they use at school or college, they dont use cardfiles nee?
thank you!