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I just have to share this with everyone!
I got a new mobile phone. It has the touch screen feature but does not come with a stylus :(

I had looking for stylus options when I come across these totally beautiful jewelry stylus! They are just perfect!!!
Needless to say, I have them on the way to me :)

They sell out FAST! so get them while they are still available!

Scroll down for details and where to get these stylus.

This Elegant Stylus lets you play Nintendo DS with a grace of manner even if you are too excited with battles in the game. Fare, a Japanese Jewel Accessory Brand from Harajuku, pours loveliness and beauty for your Stylus.
Not only for Nintendo DS and DS lite uses, but for any devices having touch-screens.

Just like a normal stylus,
it works well and usefull
and never damage on the screen for use.

Two Styles, Stylus with Long Loop or Short one.

Stylus with Short Loop is good for use as a cell phone strap and use as a Stylus even once in a while. Stylus with Long String is quite useful to attach your Nintendo DS. You don't have to take off the stylus charm from the loop for play!

"Made in Japan" to give you an accessory of true quality and beauty as we make.
This is a prime concept of Fare. Fare produces luxury cell phone accessory at within a reasonable price range. Entire process from design to package is done in Japan. Put on a Fare's accessory, you'll be satisfied with trusted quality and refined design of made in Japan.

entire length
short type: approx. 13.0cm / 5.11in
long type: approx. 26.5cm / 10.4in

zinc alloy construction

Planned, Created in Japan

Click here to go to strapya, type in jewel stylus in the search box to get started.

and oh, there are HELLO KITTY STYLUS too!!!

Note: Link is an affiliate Pay-Per-Sale Link NOT Per-Per-Click Link. I do not earn when you click on the link to visit the site. Thank you.