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Japan Cute!

a playground of everything kawaii & kakkoii!

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"Genki kubari, Egao kubari"
Be generous with your energy.
Be generous with your smiles.

A brand new community that warmly welcomes you to join, have fun sight-seeing & posting~♥ We're starting out small, but everyone is really nice & your posts are most most welcome!!

Simple JapanCute Guidelines:

Posts should focus on cute Japanese/Asian things, but that range is huge! So have fun with it~♥
Some ideas:
¤ Find a new penpal or lj friend

¤ Recommend shops, online stores, cute websites, anime, manga, & dramas~♥ Because sharing is caring ;]

¤ Post your latest singer/actor crush, cellphone charm, DIY bracelet, hairclips, stationery, skirt, Japanese magazine article, EGL dress, package received... even a cute diy bookcover!

¤ Introduce yourself with an image of yourself, or an image you love! :)
Optional intro:
Favorite Japanese Cute things:

Sales Posts, please:
¤ Don't spam us, no 2 posts in a row advertising.
¤ Post at least one unique image here that isn't in ANY other community. :) Treat us like a special lady on a date!

Images are most welcome, but please post one at 400x400 pixels or smaller & lj-cut any other images. No hot-linking allowed! Please do not steal bandwidth from people who post here. Other than that, bring on the visual entertainment! :D

The only major rule is PLAY NICE! Be respectful & treat others how you would like to be treated. Simple. ;)

The moderators are here for any inquiries, so feel free to ask us anything. :)

Thank you very much!
どうもありがとう ございました。

P.S. The radness that is the new JC layout was made by the very talented crossing_it! ♥

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